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The City of Kirkwood is currently in the process of completing work on a project to update all portions of its city codes related to zoning and the subdivision of land as a step toward implementing Envision Kirkwood 2035, the city's recently adopted comprehensive plan. These codes contain the regulations that address how properties can be used in different areas, known as zoning districts, as well as site design elements such as signage, landscaping, parking, access, and architectural design, to name a few. The purpose of this website is to provide a location where interested stakeholders can keep up-to-date on the progress of the project, download draft documents, and provide feedback on the project. Feel free to click on the "Project Files" (link or menu tab above) where there are links to the current codes and plans relevant to this project.  

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Project Materials/Background
The following are the individual draft sections or articles of the code that the steering committee has initially reviewed and were updated prior to final revisions that led to the December 18 public review drafts at the top of this page.  You can also download the cover memos for each of the drafted sections for more background on changes.
Below are links to the public review drafts of all the documents that are part of this project. The consultants have worked with staff to draft materials that were reviewed by a steering committee of three Planning and Zoning Commission members and three City Council members. Those documents (available in at the bottom of this page) were refined and revised based on input from the committee and the public to create the public review drafts that can be downloaded below. For more information on the draft documents and the recommended changes, feel free to review the materials under the "working documents" section below, including cover memos for each section. Additional materials are also available under the Project Files tab of this website.
Public Review Drafts as of December 18, 2019
Chapter 2, Art. VII, Div. 3: Architectural Review Board
Chapter 2, Art. VII, Div. 9: Board of Adjustment
Chapter 5, Art. II: Sign Code
Chapter 25: Consolidated Zoning and Subdivision Code 
Zoning Map
Please note that this project will not result in any changes to the current zoning of any property, or zoning district boundaries, as shown in the existing zoning map (link below). 
Click on the above button for a one-page summary of the project and an overview of some basic zoning code terms, including graphics.
Click on the above button for a copy of the presentation materials related to discussions on the R-3 side yard setback requirements.
Click on the above button for a copy of the presentation materials related to discussions on site and bulk residential development standards discussed at the October 15 steering committee meeting.
Working Documents
(Draft Documents Prior to December 18, 2019)
The City of Kirkwood hosted a public meeting on the Kirkwood by Design project on December 12, 2019. Below are links to videos of the presentation, including audio.  The presentation has been broken down into six separate parts for your review with a focus on issues that have been major discussion points during the project.  Please click on any section you wish to hear.
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